i miss america

Steve Eulberg
©2006 Steve Eulberg


patriotism for grown-ups, i gotta be the change i wanna see


There once was a land where a lady would stand With her lamp raised at the golden door Saying, “bring me your huddled masses, tired and poor” Now that welcome don’t seem so welcome any more O—I miss America. There once was a place where the whole human race Could yearn to breathe free—haven of liberty— Land of the brave, home of the free Today the fearful forfeit freedom for a lock and key O—I miss America. O say, can you see me, I’m your neighbor Like you I struggle and labor I pull my own weight and do my share And believe, yes I dare That though we may differ Together we are stronger than apart E pluribus unum O¬—we are America. There once was a time where speaking your mind Was a sign that you stood up like a grown man And the strong one protected the weak one Now the self-righteous belittle the meek one O—I miss America. Oh what do you do when the red, white and blue Become a cloak to hide dirty laundry And a muffle to choke those who disagree And the emblem no longer serves to set us free? O—I miss America. Have you ever heard of a high-flying bird Who can soar the sky with one wing missing? Today I stand in my native land Turn off the TV and I step out my door To neighbor and stranger I offer my hand Saying, “this land it is your land…This land it is my land” E pluribus unum O¬—we are America. O¬—we are America.