rock on rock

Steve Eulberg
Steve Eulberg ©1990


First written in 1987 while visiting the veincidades being rebuilt by hand after the earthquake in Mexico City. I was working in an inner city church and building brick patios and wooden decks 1/2 time...but here I smelled no diesel and could hear the birds sing! I keep singing it, after the San Francisco earthquake in 1989, September 11th, the New Year's Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina...rock on rock.


Rock on Rock, We build up the ancient rubble Block on Block, We shall restore the former ruins. Stone on Stone, We reconstruct the broken walls Brick on Brick, We resurrect abandoned homes. We shall repair the ruined cities The devastation Of many generations. So let the famine come The floodwaters flow The earthquake roar its mighty roar The rumble and grumble and tumble of war Crackle of fire, munch of the termite The tinkle of shattering glass; the wheeze of the plague's last gasp...