Steve Eulberg
Steve Eulberg ©1983


You and I agree We should live apart But the miles that lay between us now Are tearing up my heart So as I “now I lay me down” And pray your soul to keep Don’t think I can take the ache within So I begin to weep I feel sad, so sad To be here without you I feel sad, so sad To see that I’m alone Though I look at you And I’m glad That you like to live your living Still I feel so sad When I cannot come along And the miles may be blessings Wrapped up in newsprint grey The whole thing looks exciting In the light of day But now, the daylight sun is stepping out And the darkness elbows in And I feel sad I like to be my own man And you desire your freedom So far I see it working out For the best for you and me But what can I do with my heart So full of confusing feelings? My guitar’s sitting here with me We sing this memory: BREAK And the miles…