war is sweet (#1 on The Music Review Indie Country Charts!)

Steve Eulberg
©2002 Steve Eulberg


inspired by a quote from Erasmus of Rotterdam, humanist philosopher of the Reformation era.


Growing up in an uneasy time, with blue stars on the windows Some sons had enlisted, others had to go Some others said their conscience wouldn't let them carry a gun Still others left for Canada and were soon forgotten Looking for some guidance from the fathers of the town The doctor said, "just bomb 'em to hell", the preacher said, "let's pray." Another standing silently, torn by memory He shook his head and shuddered, mumbling he said, "These eyes of mine have seen what these lips can never tell the bloodrush of the battle the agonies of hell-- "War is sweet to those who never taste it Life is cheap when it ain't yours you're wastin'." Everyday he threw the papers, read headlines in the rain He opened up the magazines, saw photos of the slain Each night the news at six-o'clock brought pictures of pain The flag had been unfurled, but with wounded blood was stained Images of shame, confusion and blame Heroes fighting, heroes falling, heroes marching to bring them home. Hawks and doves in battle, wherever people meet Ten thousand, thousand voices chanting in the streets: