Video from Folk Alliance 2010

At the 2010 Folk Alliance in Memphis, I played a set in the Concerts in Your Home (CIYH) showcase room. (CIYH is a terrific website whose motto is: "Living Rooms Were Made for Music") The host, Fran Snyder, included part of my set in his video encouraging people to share music with their friends in their homes.  

You can watch it here: 

House Concerts are a very up-close-and-personal way for musicians and audiences to interact and connect, without the distractions of larger venues, in which the music can be the focus, rather than the sound system, the cappucino machine or the coming and going of the wait-staff or bathroom traffic.  They can be the perfect opportunities for sharing your favorite music with your favorite friends in a comfortable location--your home!  

View the video at the CIYH website if you are thinking about hosting a concert, or give me a call!

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