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Hello Steve. We are in the Denver, CO, area and I'm sorry that in all your years in Fort Collins, we never met nor did we get up there for a concert. I see you played several UU churches up in Boulder and Fort Collins. My wife and I are members of Columbine UU Church in Littleton, CO. If you ever do a "Return To Colorado" Tour, be sure to contact us for a concert date at our church. All the best to you.
Thank you so much for all we learned at Dulcimer Week in the Wallowas. I am going to try the new things I learned when I return from Fiddle Camp. I am taking a dulcimer with me to keep practicing. I was fascinated with the Galax style! Your teaching metaphors are easy to remember and useful tools. Your teaching style that is professional with the perfect dash of humor and encouragement is just what I needed! Best of luck in your travels and adventures and see you next year.Many thanks!
Just wanted to thank you for the dulcimer workshops at the recent Palestine Tx. Old Time Festival. Both classes I attended were very informative and helpful. Also thanks for emailing the tab to the participants in your learning by ear class. Thanks again.
Just checkin' ya out and wanted to say hey... Tom
I enjoy your songs and follow the explanations that you give on biginners lessons.I would like to learn how to play the guiter perhaps one time I will sing like you.Do you stay in Britain or in the united states. I could love to visit your workshop in case you are in england. George. France.
Just got thru your Beginners JamPlay Lessons with my Martin HD28 that Santa brought me. Intend to work back thru and get the foundation down as much as I can before I move on. Just thought I would say - THANKS !
Hi Steve, I have been trying to play guitar for 2 years and found you on JamPlay, bought a month's subscription, then extended to a year. I can say that I have learned more from you in a few lessons than from 2 years instruction from my first instructor. Thank you for the instruction you provide. Right now I am working with your lesson on barre chords! For a 68 year old codger, I have my eyes set on playing in the church band! My wife gave me a Martin HD-28 so you know I am serious about learning guitar! Thanks again and God bless! Bobby
Ok, for homework after the lesson #3 here is me and my 8 year daughters Morgan acrostic for the stings. Even Alice Dixon Gets Buttered Eggos. Well there it is and you are really great. Both of us love you. Your brother in Christ, Donnie
"I miss America" - Like++
Hi Steve, I am enjoying your lessons on JamPlay. I must however take exception (only joking really) to your description of Celtic as belonging to the Scots and Irish. DOn't forget the Welsh and parts of France too! The Celts spread over a large area. Even tom the NEw World !!!! Nick A Welshman
Great site Steve, and some really great music! Guess I'll have to buy some of those CD's now, huh! Especially the Christmas album for my daughter. She LOVES it! Keep the great lessons going on Jam Play. Best guitar site going!
Great site Steve... I really enjoy your dulcimer music as well as the time on Jam Play! I have learned more from you in a short time than I ever have in the past...Keep up the great playing....
Great site Steve... I really enjoy your dulcimer music as well as the time on Jam Play! I have learned more from you in a short time than I ever have in the past...Keep up the great playing....
Steve, I am a high teacher in Sacramento, California. We are mounting a production of Mary Zimmerman's THE ARABAIAN NIGHTS next fall and I would be very interested in using music that you created for the CO production. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you.
i feel like i know you from your lessons.your a very good sight teacher. you are teaching my little brother how to play in ak. i've been playing g,c d for thirty years and thanks to you, i can actually play them. come to minneapolis and do a show. please...
wow,...steve,....i am sooo impressed,...i used to love when you & the other *Bluegrassers* performed @ CAPITAL!!! and now i am able to have your music to listen to whenever i am inspired~~~you are truely an inspiration! P'Ville must be soooo very proud! i know i am!!! PEACE~~~ Jill
hi steve, it is good to see a fellow eagle doing so well. you traveled a long trail from eastwood. i've enjoyed listening to some of your songs. just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how proud of you i am..dave
Hi Steve, I have been on JamPlay for about a month now and have really enjoyed your lessons there. I am learning a lot from them and your live lessons online. Thanks for being part of JamPlay and giving all of us this opportunity to learn the guitar. Good down to earth music feeds the soul and to have teacher like yourself who can pass that music and knowledge onto others is just wonderful! Keep up the good work!
Steve, It was a delight to meet you and your wife at Tom Wilberton's home Friday night. I enjoyed our conversation and especially getting to hear you play before you left for the theater. Blessings on your career.
Hey Steve , Merry Christmas. Well , with arthritis and some left hand nerve damage from surgery , i think it's dulcimer time. Any thoughts and will you do any dulcimer lessons on Jam Play or anywhere else . Thank you !
Steve I am 51 this month. Started playing in Aug of 09. Started Jamplay Nov 09. So many ah ha in your teaching. I wish I would have started jamplay sooner. Lesson 5 was like walking in down town Cario, Egypt and all the sudden I understood what people were saying. Just the very young of course. I have been jumping between acoustic and electric. I love both. At times I feel this is slowing me down. Should i pick one or keep going between the two? You are one of the most natural teacher I have ever heard. Thanks from someone well educated above my IQ.
I'm always amazed when someone says you have a God given talent. I want to tell them about the checks I've written for lessons and the times I screamed at this God they're talking about for not giving me anything but tenacity.
Steve, I am a new student of yours on JamPlay.com. After 30 years of playing around with the guitar I finally decided to actually learn HOW to play one. Your lessons are great and I've learned so much. I have a great interest in learning to play finger style, however I'm forcing myself to work through your lessons from the beginning to unlearn all my bad habits before I will allow myself to take your finger style lessons. I appreciate all you do. David
Hi Steve, I'm one of your "very grateful" jamplay students. I'm an old "rock n roller" from the 60's and 70's but stoppped playing in 79. My grandsons took up guitar, which inspired me to begin playing again. Your lessons have been a wonderful tool for me, and I wanted to say how much I appreciate you. BTW, I own a didgerido which I picked up in Australia last year. Don't know how to play if though. Would love the opportunity to meet you someday. Thanks again for all you do.
Listening to "6 String Mail Order Bride", wonderful music Steve. www.nitesky.us
sent u a video of me playing American tune by Paul Simon ,if u could comment Be talking to you on Jam Play Regards Steve "Swampiti'
I hear you won't be joining us next year at Lincoln and the sorrow is ours... I'll certainly miss you. Ms Susan just suggested that I have you be my piano teacher... and now you're off in the sunset... Blessings! Angie
Hey Steve I've been reading info on you from web...had no idea about alllllllll your impressive accomplishments... and I love your explanations of the passion that is music. I'll be introducing you in Mtn View before workshop begins. Is there anything you wish I'd say? Judy K
Hey Steve, I am taking your lessons on jamplay and ,boy, you are a genius! A great teacher. I got my interest back in learning after wasting tonnes of money at other places. Thanks a lot for your services. As you like to say 'Aha!' :) God Bless! akhattri
Hi Steve, I am thinking about taking the Dulcimer Celebration "Class" 7/26 at JC Campbell. Actually I am on the waiting list for the dulcimer building class and if I can't get into that I am on the celebration list as a back up. I now keep thinking about switching over to the celebration period. The problem is, the web site does not really explain much about it. It makes it sound like a get together and have a good time kind of thing and doesn't say much about what is "taught". While I am all for getting together and having a good time I would also like to learn something. Since you are listed as one of the Instructors I thought I would ask you if you can give me an idea about what to expect in this class if I decide to take it. I have been playing lap dulcimer for a little over a year. I am, however, a trained (many years ago)musician and have been practicing a good deal so I think I would qualify as to what the web site calls an "advanced beginner". Any info you can give that might help me make up my mind about which class I would like to take will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
Alright Steve, Just listened to Porch Swinging, a great song. I am currently taking your Fingerpicking lessons on JamPlay, and they are just amazing. They are making me love the guitar even more than I already do, and these days I just want to come home and play rather than watch tv or just waste time. So a huge thank you, you are a great teacher, and a great musician. Thanks Stuart
G'day from Sydney Australia Steve, I'm learning how to play the guitar and I find your lessons in Jam Play brilliant! I've had a lot of schooling in my life but very few teachers as good as yourself. Cheers mate!
Dear Steve Learned about you at Jam Play. Was doing some lesson work with you and wrote and had a question. NEVER,did hear back. I mentioned i have a Dystrophy Problem and ask about some techniques I might use. Ipickeed up the Guitar again after not playing it for years. Love Bluegrass and Iam not a very good player yet but hope to be more accomplished in time. I'am 65 now but love to play which I try to do every day. My wife and i live in Oregon,not to far from Hawkeye Herman,bu I'am writeing you from a friends computer in California. I have many Muscian Friends in So. Cal. who areexxcellent Guitar Players.One makes Guitars that are raher expensive but Beautiful. Will be back in oregon is 10 days. Thanks Steve.
Hey Steve, How are you and Connie? It's been a long time since Godspell at Trinity. Hope you guys are well. Blessings, peter
I thoroughly enjoyed your lessons during the Kentucky Music Wionter Weekend. Very impressed with your musical abilities and your style of teaching. I paid my $10 and signed up to get a CD of the lessons but haven't yet received the CD. What can I do to expedite? Thanks!
I attended the 2009 Dulcimer Festival and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoted it. I had just gotten a dulcimer and found aplace in my heart to learn this instrument. Although I am in my mid 70s learning something new is exciting, especailly in the fiels of music. Thank you for the festival and I will be their next year Lord willing. DM
Steve, I am taking lessons from you on jamplay. I came to your website because I really enjoy your lessons. I was born and raised around the Bowling Green, Ohio area. I was pleasantly surprised to find you are from Pemberville, Ohio, not far from BG,Oh. Great website!!! I am also a teacher in piano and guitar for beginners. Penny
Steve... Thank you so much for your musical lessons presentations. I'm so anxious to find out if I may purchase DVD's about singing and playing guitar. I visited your site when you were teaching a simple song with French lyrics. I'd like to make these DVD's a 71st Birthday gift for my favorite Brother-In-Law in March. He does not have a computer and this is why I'm asking you if I could purchase DVD's if they are available. I feel that your presentation is done so well and that Rog could really benefit a great deal. He has tried other learning tools in the past and lost interest or perhaps patience. Please keep up the good work and dedication you share with others. God Bless ... Don Priewe Green Bay, WI
Steve, I am currently in your blurgrass lessons on JamPlay and they are great. I just ordered a new Blueridge 160A and can't wait to get it. Is that a Blueridge you play in the lessons?
Steve I really enjoyed all your lessons on Jamplay. I know God has given you a great talent. You have a great glft to teach. I love to hear you play the Guitar. We are neighbors. I live in Michigan. Tom
you are my favrot guiterist and Iwhant to meet you adn I saw all your vidoes
I have been checking for awhile for a teacher. Problem Money. My 2 sons got a iPhone for Christmas 4 the music. This phone is my only access to Internet. Problem. It does not support flash do you have any thing iPhone supports alone. I could tell you all of life History. Mainly know I lost my mentor and more, he left me his guitars and made me promise not to quit. He was a guitar man. Hope to hear good news Respectively, Bobbie
I took a class from you in KY last weekend. I loved your introducing us to shape music and now want more. I proposed a paper for my grad school class on shape music and hope you can point me a a good direction for research on history, characteristics, future, etc. of the genre. Otherwise I could be in big trouble here! ASAP thanks. JAN Mayor
Dear Steve, Started watching you off of Jam Play. I have a Dystrophy callled CMT and it effects muscles. After not playting my guitar for years I decided ,to the joy of my friends in California,who are very good players to pick it up again. Mainly to help strnghthen my hands.They will continue to get weaker as will my legs also,but I really enjoy your teaching. I tried to put in my E-mail but it wouldn't take it so it is. dallendouglas@frontiernet.net I will continue doing your lessnos on Jam Play. Also, Do you have anay suggested Folk music that I could get that dosen't require a lot of BAR Chords as that is difficult for me with my condition. I hope to get good enough to play for the Kids at Church and maybe the Congregation. I alos would like some simple Traditional Gospel Music. Sorry to bug you but I feel like i know you after watching Jam Play. Thanks Dennis Douglas Formerly of Southern California NOW Canyonville,Oregon
I have listened to you singing and playing The Water is Wide or Waly, Waly since yesterday when I found you on the web. It is beautiful. I would like to get that arrangement written down to learn on my dulcimer. I bought my first dulcimer in May, 2008 on my 4oth anniversary trip to the Smoky Mountains. I have made great progress teaching myself to play. I am a piano teacher in North West Ohio not far from your home town. Thank you.
Hi Steve I have a box full of your CDs -- which I tried to mail to you, and they came back. I was selling them at retreats in Calif., but am pretty much off the Retreat circuit at this time. Sold mostly Prayer Mtn (not sure of title) and Soaring. Send me an address please. Your website looks great. Blessings. Diane ps met you at Yakama Mission in early 2000s, via Dave Bell (my seminary buddy)
I view your lesson on barre cords and find it to be v good, i am 63years old and take guitar as a hobby , but my strumming suck do you have lesson on strumming ? and how can i obtain it i like the way you teaching. thank you. thomas kelshall
Great player, great taste in dulcimers. I look forward to meeting you!
Hello Steve, I'll not leave it to the last minute to register for the 6TH annual CDF this year! Alan
What a great web-site! It seems like you have followed your passion and blossomed! How's your family? Your old collegue in the inner-city of Kansas City
hey steve! ur music its awesome, I like so much the jingle bells song, where I can find a tab? Im really like to learn this song, if somebody have the tab, please send me to my email
Hi Steve, Enjoyed the latest visit to your site. It's a wonderful and informative experience. Keep up the GREAT work and smooth sounds.
Hey Steve: I just told my faith story for a camp staff (El Camino Pines). You were playing piano and I was reading Genesis 1 when God moved in my life. My theme was "no small things, no ordinary moments". It was no small moment in my life. Thanks for allowing God to work through you then and now. I'm glad your gifts are still a blessing to you and us.
Hey ! I just joined jamplay and your teaching is great. With warm greetings fm Pori Finland. PekkaM
I love the music and I have just started playing the mt. dulcimer. I lvoe it. You are great. Thanks for the web site.
Ahh, just as I remember you from back in our college days... playing music. I love it!
It's a pleasant surprise to find a sanctury from all that modern inane garbage they call music.
i am gonna show this to my friend, man
You are an amazing guitar player. You have such a wonderful gift. It's wonderful that you are sharing it and not keeping it inside. Thank you for sharing your music.
Hi Steve, just to say hello. I am following your lessons on JamPlay.com. Awesome!
I'm following your lessons on jamplay.com and would like to tell you, I love your way how you teach. Its very very motivating to continue playing the guitar. Keep on going! Warm regard, Rick S tijnman Netherlands
Recommended by Heather Stenner. I'm looking for entertainment for a staff appreciation dinner of about 40 people for the Academy of Arts & Knowledge on 2/5 or 26. These are hard working teachers working at Nothern Colorado's newest Charter school. Available? Fee? I'd love to hear back from you today. I'm home with sick children so you can call 223-3941. Thanks in advance! e
Just re-read the letter you wrote me on 10-30-98 about the Eulberg family tree. After that I did a Google search, discovered your website, and listened to some of your music. Loved it! I'm proud to be a relative of yours! I'm still working on genealogy when I have time, which isn't often. Since we last corresponded I've learned a few more things about the family. If you want to keep in touch you can contact me at this e-mail address. God Bless! Mary Jane
Hi Steve! I am so pleased I took up your offer to visit your website. It is a beautiful site and really reflects the lovely person you are. I am enjoying your lessons so much on Jamplay.com and am delighted to be actually playing music and making progress. You really feel like a personal teacher, as if you are in the room giving me individual tuition. You are an inspiring teacher and I feel so lucky to have found you. I just hope you will visit the UK soon as I would love to thank you in person, as well as hear your beautiful music and thoughtful, meaningfull words. Take care Jackie
Hi Steve! This is Kim Kahler Farley. Wow ... I can't believe I found your website. I've enjoyed listening to your music. Listening to your voice brings back great memories of BELOVED!!! Would love to hear from you! :)Kim
I like the way you teach the guitar. I join JamPlay and have been taking your lessons. Every time I lose focus I go back to your basics. Thanks
I so enjoyed meeting you. thank you for giving back so much. I truly believe that is why are country is so blessed bebause it is people like you that give so much.
That was a nice article on you in the Coloradian. Congrats on your MA. If anyone can make a difference in teaching music you can. Hope that you get a permanent position soon. But will you still be able to attend festivals? I'm off to Owl Mountain to order "A Piece of it All" Thinking of you getting a Grammy, which you richly deserve. Edith HInrichs
I just started your beginners course at jamplay. I like your teaching style and think that I will soon be able to play someti=hing recognisable-------------I Hope ! ! Do you ever get to Kentucky? Thanks ! !
Steve: Your Daughter (Kaitlin) worshipped at Zion yesterday. Boy, you and Connie did something right! Good to come across your web site. God bless!!
Great music!
Steve, I'm so glad you're sharing your music with the world. And even more, receiving recognition for it...kudos! Thanks for all you do for others through music. You really are touching others with a strength! We're lucky to have you.
Good to hear that you are singing and making your music a gift for all to enjoy. en paz,
Met you up at Oak St. Plaza Have heard people play Mt.Dulcimer and vowed,'never in my house'.Was great to hear it really played.I am currently intrigued with didjeridoo. Heard Ash Dargan at Museum last friday. good wishes...
Such an intellegent person you are. I was looking for the guitar tabs when I saw you on internet. Your dulcimer looks like Turkish enstriman which has the same shape. But i'm not sure that they are the same. I came to the U.S. 10 months ago. I bought a guitar on internet and I wanted to play at home but I need a help. If I can learn at home. My favorite guitar is acoustic and I wanted to learn acoustic style if I can. Could you help me, thanks Steve.
What a beautiful web site. Don't you ever get down to the really deep South? Esther Kreek comes here in 5 more days to do some workshops and visit in a warm(er) place. You could also!!! Edith in Lower Alabama
Just ordered your CD
Hi Steve, I thank you so much for giving me the chance to play your fine music in my radio show of American roots music here in Italy. I immediately provided with including your web site in my playlist. All tbe best, Massimo
Looking forward to meeting you at camp next week. Hope you bring some of your recordings.
I was truly inspired by taking your class and hearing you play at the California Traditional Music Society Summer Solstice Festival, in June, 2006. Thank you. Aaron Goffman
Hi Steve I enjoyed listening to the clips; especially Seton Sands...is that our Seton Sands here in East Lothian? If it is then that is impressive. If you ever get back to Edinburgh perhaps we can take a trip down the coast to the John Muir Country Park. He was the founding father of America's National Parks and he was born in Dunbar. It's a fantastic place and very spiritual. It's good for the soul just to be there. By the way, I'm in the process of sending you a copy of The Journeyman, which I hope you'll enjoy as much as I enjoy listening to your music. All the best and keep in touch. Perhaps our paths will cross again someday. Tom
hahahahaha "Is she from the South or deaf?"
Howdy from Houston! Thanks for sharing your music with us at the workshop this weekend. I enjoyed learning lots of new stuff and getting to know you a bit. Come back to Texas any time!
Steve, I'm thinking we were in the SCUPE program together back in 1983 in Chicago. I'm not sure how I stumbled on this website, it may be that I had some lyrics from a song you wrote while in Chicago, and I did a Google Search. Love the music, and if you are ever in southern California, give me a holler.
Hi Steve, What a beautiful new web-site. I love the wood!!!! See ya soon, Julee
Site Looks GREAT Steve!!! Look forward to checking it often! SHALOM Ron
Looks nice, Steve