Christ Is Our Peace

by Steve Eulberg and friends

Released 2002
Owl Mountain Music, Inc.
Released 2002
Owl Mountain Music, Inc.
Blues-jazz-grunge-islands inspired setting for communion worship--a grooving disc.
"Christ Is Our Peace" is a tasty musical fiesta-setting of the communion liturgy by Steve Eulberg.

Eulberg was the Director of Music at the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. (USA) There he directed a variety of musical ensembles whose talents grace this recording.

"When creating music for worship, I always aim for it to be accessible and energizing, so that the participants can go away singing it throughout the week. The genius of liturgical worship is that people who could not read or write were able to learn the scriptures by what they sang in worship," Eulberg notes.

This recording features blues, a jazz waltz, an uptown fiesta, acoustic phat, islands, mon!, grunge energy and gentle, confident hope.

Eulberg is joined by musicians from the campus ministry and the community: Nat Lichte (bass), Siri Lichte (flute), Katie Stieber (drums), Jonathan Marston, Paul Gerberding & Steve Finestead (percussion choir), Gretchen Arneson & Jeff Reiker (trumpets) and the vocal talents of Connie and Kaitlin Winter-Eulberg, Paul Gerberding, Jonathan Marston and Roxanne Storlie.

A bonus track "Hometown Boy" is a hard-hitting re-telling of Jesus' first sermon in his hometown synagogue and features the talents of Russ Hopkins, who also served as the engineer for the project.

Eulberg is a championship caliber instrumentalist (he has won 2nd and 3rd place in the National Mountain Dulcimer Contest (1998 & 2001) and was a finalist in the National Hammered Dulcimer Contest (1999) in Winfield, Kansas.

He is also noted for his skillful production of acoustic music in northern Colorado, USA and his creative and energizing settings for worship and devotion such as "Happy Are They," "Holy Mountain" and the "Dulcimer-Friendly Worship" series.