Hark, the Glad Sound!

by Steve Eulberg

Released 1999
Owl Mountain Music, Inc.
Released 1999
Owl Mountain Music, Inc.
A wonderful acoustic tapestry of early music ensemble-style woven with world rhythms; Played by mountain dulcimer & hammered dulcimer ensembles creating a mystical crystalline winter soundscape.
Hark, the Glad Sound! is Steve Eulberg's collection of instrumental tunes played by mountain dulcimer ensembles, backed by hammered dulcimer, guitar, recorders and various percussion. While the tunes are usually associated with the Advent season of preparation for Christmas, the sounds are fresh and welcome all year.

Eulberg, "a champion-ship caliber dulcimer player" (according to Dulcimer Players News), is hailed for this recording by reviewers and DJ's worldwide. It was also used as "buttons" by National Public Radio during its live broadcast.

Reviewers say about "Hark":

"This is a fresh, creative, and enchanting CD...The sounds are magical and in the hands of a dulcimer devotee, the music is magnificent. The sense is relaxing, meditative at times, contemplative and even has a New Age music sense in places." Armand, Carnales, The Critical Review

"A thoughtful and well-researched suite of lesser known melodies that convey the mood, spirit and emotion of the season, not only the conscious leve, but also on the subconcious level so strongly that one, without any effort, begins to visulaize the pure, crystalline, silent landscapes of Winter with all the mystery, wonder and magic that we experienced as children." --Paul Sadler III, Guitar and Hammered Dulcimer player for Michael Martin Murphy

"It is great listening no matter what time of the year..." --Dennis Denhartog, Folknotes.com

"A wonderful tapestry of familiar and not-so-familiar tunes." -Larry Conger, 1998 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion

"music that can amazingly transform even an urban living room into a beautiful rural setting." -Lily Wu, NYC