Mr Steve's Folk Music for Little Folks (EP)

by Steve Eulberg

Released 10/06/2011
Owl Mountain Music, Inc.
Released 10/06/2011
Owl Mountain Music, Inc.
A Registered Music Together teacher, Steve has been working with and writing for children since 1985. This 5 song EP highlights the fun of old-time traditional and brand-new contemporary music for children.
  • 02:44 Story Lyrics Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch a Rat

    Old Black Cat couldn't catch a rat (x3)

    'Cause the rat was way too fast.


    ...'cause the cat was way too slow


    ...'cause the cat was way too fat


    ...'cause the rat went down the hole


    ...'cause the cat couldn't fit down the hole


    ...'cause the cat thought the rat was a mole


    ...'cause the cat couldn't care less, about that!

  • 02:01 Story Lyrics I Will Celebrate Gum

    I Will Celebrate Gum!

    Mr. Steve Eulberg (BMI) and the 4 & 5 year-old Classes at

    Christ Fellowship Child Development Center


    Chewing my gum

    and sticking my tongue

    and blowing the bubbles, too.

    All of the flavors,

    they are my favorite

    I will celebrate gum!


    Verse 1:

    Strawberry, watermelon twist,

    and peppermint too.

    The only flavor I don’t like

    is the one that tastes like glue (eww!)


    Verse 2:

    At first it’s dry, and really rough

    and awful hard to chew

    But then you mix your spit with it

    and it tastes yummy, too!


    Verse 3:

    I chew and chew and pretty soon

    it starts to taste like wood

    So I put it in a Kleenex

    and throw it away real good!

  • 03:31 Story Lyrics Mower's Making Music (The Grasshopper Song)

    The sky was blue (the sky was blue)

    The grass was long and green (the grass was long and green)

    It was the prettiest day (it was the prettiest day)

    I think I've ever seen (I think I've ever seen)

    I get out my mower (I get out my mower)

    Pull the cord and turn it on (pull the cord and turn it on)

    The noise it makes (the noise it makes)

    Has 'em hoppin' and boppin' all over the lawn:


    My mower's makin' music for the grasshoppers to dance

    My mower's makin' music for the grasshoppers to dance

    My mower's makin' music, My mower's makin' music

    My mower's makin' music for the grasshoppers to dance


    The mama grasshopper said (the mama grasshopper said)

    Where'd my babies go? (where'd my babies go?)

    I thought I saw them hopping here (I thought I saw them hopping here)

    Just a moment ago (just a moment ago)

    I guess they're hiding (I guess they're hiding)

    Deep in the grass (deep in the grass)

    They're waitin' for the next time (they're waitin' for the next time)

    The mower comes to pass. 


    The sky was black (the sky was black)

    But the moon was bright (but the moon was bright)

    I couldn't see anything (I couldn't see anything)

    Movin' tonight (movin' tonight)

    Where are the grasshoppers?  (Where are the grasshoppers?)

    Asleep it seems (asleep it seems)

    But I bet they're hoppin' (but I bet they're hoppin')

    in their grasshopper dreams!


  • 02:42 Story Lyrics The Pepper Song

    Peppers make me sneeze! (achoo!)  (x3)

    I don't like peppers!


    ...make me steam  (ssss!)


    ....burn my fingers (oh oh oh oh)


    ....make me cry (huh, huh, huh)


    ....burn my tongue (heh, heh, heh)


    ...burn my nose (sniff, sniff, sniff)


    ...burn my lips (sbppp)


    ...burn my knees (hooooo)


    ...burn my toes (tik tik itiki)




    Peppers gave me this song! (yessir)

    So I do like peppers!

  • 02:47 Story Lyrics The Watermelon Song

    Well, I was out in my garden pullin' up weeds.

    When I got to the place where I planted those seeds,

    it was the biggest thing that I'd ever seen,

    like a giant football but the color was green!


    slurp  spit (x3) Ah!

    Dou-ble U-A- T-E-R---M-E-L-O-N, what's that spell?



    I sat down the other day just to have a little snack.

    I took a piece of watermelon out of my sack

    It ran down my chin and onto my clothes

    I got it in my hair, I got it up my nose!


    it's green on the outside, pink on the in

    But your stomach's gonna ache it you eat the white skin

    And you better spit those seeds, ’cause I’m telling you, brother,

    They’re gonna come out one end or the other. 


Celebrating Gum, Mowing to make Grasshoppers Dance, The Pepper Song, The Watermelon Song and figuring out why the Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch the Rat! With dulcimers and more.