I Will Celebrate Gum

Steve Eulberg
Steve Eulberg


Written in 2010 with the inspiration of the children at Christ Fellowship Child Development Center in Fort Collins, CO


I Will Celebrate Gum!

Mr. Steve Eulberg (BMI) and the 4 & 5 year-old Classes at

Christ Fellowship Child Development Center


Chewing my gum

and sticking my tongue

and blowing the bubbles, too.

All of the flavors,

they are my favorite

I will celebrate gum!


Verse 1:

Strawberry, watermelon twist,

and peppermint too.

The only flavor I don’t like

is the one that tastes like glue (eww!)


Verse 2:

At first it’s dry, and really rough

and awful hard to chew

But then you mix your spit with it

and it tastes yummy, too!


Verse 3:

I chew and chew and pretty soon

it starts to taste like wood

So I put it in a Kleenex

and throw it away real good!