Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch a Rat

Steve Eulberg
Traditional, New words by Steve Eulberg


Steve learned this tune from the dulcimer playing of Don Pedi from North Carolina.  When the children asked, "Mr. Steve, Mr. Steve!  Why couldn't that cat catch that rat?  It sounds like he was goin' fast enough!"  Well, Steve recognized a song-writing opportunity and asked why they thought the cat was unable to get the rat.  Here are some of their ideas.


Old Black Cat couldn't catch a rat (x3)

'Cause the rat was way too fast.


...'cause the cat was way too slow


...'cause the cat was way too fat


...'cause the rat went down the hole


...'cause the cat couldn't fit down the hole


...'cause the cat thought the rat was a mole


...'cause the cat couldn't care less, about that!