7th Annual Second Set Concert at Winfield

JimJim & the FatBoys will host the 7th Annual Second Set Concert at their campsite in the Pecan Grove at 7:30 pm on Friday, Sept 15, 2006. All Mountain Dulcimer contestants at the National Championship are expected to prepare (4) four tunes for performance in the contest. Only the Finalists (the top 5) are given the chance to play all 4. Because contestants number in the 20s, that is a lot of "orphan tunes" that have been lovingly prepared but don't get their hearing. While the winning contestants are always honored and welcome, each contestant is invited to play his or her "second set" of tunes for the gathered assembly as the featured sets of this concert! Then JimJim & the FatBoys (Steve Eulberg, Jim Pierce, Jeff Lilley and Jim Babcock) host a round-robin jam for a fitting conclusion to the National Championship Day at Winfield. The JJFB Campsite can be found along the south side of the first road in the Pecan Grove, just west of the fire road, across the street from the firewood concession. The tan canopy is topped with the Scottish (St. Andrew's) flag and a JimJim & the FatBoys banner. Beautiful ie-dye from the Rogers family in Concordia, Kansas provides a festive backdrop for the evenings celebration.