CTMS Summer Solstice Festival

Special thanks to Connie Allen for her persistance in getting me to come and share music at the California Traditional Music Society's Summer Solstice Festival this weekend in Calabasas, California! Set on the amazing and spacious campus of Soka University I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop students (very accomplished!--including the teenager whose mother bought the dulcimer for her 3 minutes before she stepped into class!) One of the best round robin mountain dulcimer demonstrations I've been a part of and a concert set that was great fun. Add the chance to jam with amazing instrumentalists, see and talk with good friends and this is a recipe not to be missed. [The mis-adventure with my baggage, courtesy of United and Frontier Airlines, AeroExpress Delivery and the festival Operator who didn't know I was there is one I would gladly avoid in the future!] Thanks to Leela and Ellie Grace for dedicating "Black Socks" to those us [me] without clean clothes, and my driving hosts Mary Ellen and Judy!