Eulberg cast in "Arabian Nights"

Steve Eulberg has been cast as "Musician" in the Openstage Theater Production of Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman. Eulberg will play santur (Persian hammered dulcimer) on stage with percussionists as musical accompaniment and sound effects for the 2-Act play. The show, directed by Peter Anthony, will be performed on weekends throughout September at the Lincoln Center mini-theater in Fort Collins, Colorado. "It is very exciting to be part of live theater again," Eulberg notes, "and wrapping my head around arabic maqamat is challenging and fun. The santur is likely the original version of the hammered dulcimer (which is played from right to left, unlike any other instrument in the Western world) so I get to connect with its ancestry as well!" Visit the Openstage Theater Company's website for more details about showtimes and links to purchase tickets.