Flash Mountain Dulcimer Brigade re-musters at Winfield!

The Flash Mountain Dulcimer Brigade will re-muster on Thursday, Sept 14 for a 3-day tour of duty at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. Under the command of Brigadier General Eulberg (who formed his brigade in the time-honored tradition: calling together and equipping his own brigade to get his commission) the mountain dulcimer brigadiers will make several "flash" appearances throughout the festival, playing a few tunes and melting into the crowd to re-unite and play again later. Designed to help bring mountain dulcimer players together for the joy of group playing, the Brigade also helps raise the profile of the instrument for the 18,000 attendees of this annual festival. Reports and photos of past appearances can be found in the photos section of this website and at: http://www.owlmntnmusic.com/flashmdbrigade.htm