New Review for "I Celebrate Life!"

June marks the 3rd anniversary of the release of "I Celebrate Life!" (and 4th anniversary of the printing of the accompanying song/tablature book). Yesterday, it received a brand-new review by Virginia MacIsaac that was posted on When one releases and sends art like music into the world, it is free to travel where it will and I am humbled that this long after its launching this music evokes a thoughtful review from a careful listener! Here's a sample: "At first look this one appears to be a children's CD because of the smiling young face on the cover. However, after the first few tracks,...there are instrumentals that will become part of those I will return to again and again....'First Snow'--how music can capture the silence of snow falling, I don't know, but it happens right here...'Portage River' almost sounds like a jig. Two fiddling sisters join in, Carole and Teresa Lundgren, flowing and ripply, just like a river. With "Summer Storm" a wind builds under our ears, fluttering, swaying, whooshing and waving...." to read more go to: