New Video Soundtrack

Steve recently finished a commission from Kay Bolick of Positive Communications for a soundtrack for their latest video release: "Serenade to the Canada Goose." Positive Communications produces and markets relaxation videos to senior citizen homes, hospitals and hospices. "Serenade" follows the lives of northern Colorado Canadian Geese through a one-year cycle. Ms. Bolick specifically requested flute and hammered dulcimer music for the soundtrack. "It was a fun and different kind of composition project for me," stated Eulberg. "There were parameters for the actual pitches and dynamics that could be used, but within those boundaries, telling the video story through music was very rewarding. Kay's video is simply stunning--and that itself was an inspiration." The instrumentation for the soundtrack built on some Native American Flute themes, with hammered and mountain dulcimer motifs, supported by mandolin, guitar and banjammer. The project is now in post-production for release later this year.