PBS Roadtrip Nation DVD is released!

Roadtrip Nation is a PBS show which outfits RVs and fills them with 3-4 end-of-college age young people who are searching for how to make a difference with their gifts and talents. Launched from LA, they travel the USA, following different routes, stopping to interview people along the way by whom they are inspired. They ask questions of poets, artists, entrepreneurs, skateboard builders how they chose to do what they do, and what kind of advice they would offer to young people like the interviewers. "Soaring" the title track from my 2001 CD was chosen for the soundtrack of episode 10. Since our local PBS stations did not carry this show, I was eager to see where they used my music. They paired it with Sam Adams Beer! (The students were preparing to interview the man who started the micro-brewery) and were driving through Boston. [Aside: Boston University is where I'm currently enrolled as a Master of Music Education candidate!] Of course, I had to go out and buy a Sam Adams beer to taste and see if it goes well with the music. It does. [The 12-episode DVD is available for purchase from the RTN Store: www.roadtripnation.com/productions]