Radio Charts update

"a piece of it all" has 5 songs in the top 40 of the Independent Country and Independent Inspirational Charts reported by The Music Review. Here's the October update: "war is sweet" which topped the Indie Country chart in September remained in the top 10 at #9, where it debuted in August. "i miss america" entered in the top 20 charting at #18 in October. "a ship may be safe" which entered at #19 in August, rose to #15 in September and now logs in at #39 for October. ===== "rock on rock" entered the Top 40 Independent Inspirational Chart at #27 in August, climbing to #9 in September, stayed in the top ten at #3 for October. "beauty in the world" entered the same chart at #36 in September, rising to #30 in October.