Summer Radio Airplay--"a piece of it all"

Eulberg's new CD, "a piece of it" all, is garnering radio airplay worldwide: "War is Sweet" breaks into the Top 10! The Music Review's Top 40 Independent Country Songs August 2007 debuts Eulberg's song at #9. (His highest entry in this chart!) Rein Wortelboer of OMROEP VENRAY in The Netherlands spun "Who am I?" and "Beauty in the World" in the first week of August. Country Music Denmark on Radio Dandelion chose "Beauty in the World in July and "Rock on Rock" in August. Music 4 You, also in Denmark spun "Careless Love" in August. Bob's Country Show, Radio Eketahuna, New Zealand, closed their 8/3/07 show with Porch Swingin' and War is Sweet. Friday late night show on Rockabilly Radio, Oamaru, New Zealand featured 4 tracks "Set Your Back (to the Setting Sun)", "Beauty in the World", "Porch Swingin'"and "A Ship May Be Safe". Jean Castro of Radio Frequence Verte in Marmoutier, France featured a tri-fecta of "A Ship May Be Safe", "Careless Love" and "I Miss America" in the middle of its 8/10/07 show. "War is Sweet" was played on Hootenany Power from Baton Rouge on 8/6/07. The Colorado Sound on KRFC, Fort Collins Colorado included "a piece of it all" in its July report for year-to-date top spins for the month of July. Eulberg's new CD is one of 4 in second position (19 spins). Contact your local radio station to request Steve Eulberg's music on your favorite show. If they don't have the CD, send us the DJ or program manager's name and station address and we can help you be a piece of it all, too!